I recommend playing the Windows version below for higher quality.


E - Interact

WASD / Arrow Keys - Move

Made by me (@AaronsNetwork) with 3D props and Materials from PolyHaven and AmbientCG.

Sound Effects from freesound.org


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror


TheWarpedHouseV1.2.zip 176 MB


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love your game thank you so much :):):):):):)

Cool game bro.


i walked backwards when it said he was behind me and i got to get out of the room before he jumpscared me lmao


Played your game at 11:47. Good end to my 3 scary games video! Even made the thumbnail. Well done.

Check out my video.

(1 edit)

I get scared easily ,so I played like I can

Great game :DDD sorry i didn't comment sooner D: The Bunny's voice scared me so bad xDD

Completely Unacceptable >=(

How dare you not comment immediately

I sowwys Mr. Bacon, plz forgib D': I gib cookie for forgiveness :D

Nice game

love ths game, but there is a bug from room with horse key, you can move your mouse to the left

I feel like I would have enjoyed this game if I was able to move </3

An input issue? The only input problem I had was during the short intro. Did ASDW keys not work?

WASD keys didn't work  just like the arrow keys, tried several times. I actually started smashing my keys lol. I was playing it on browser tho, so I'd definitely understand if that's why !


βœ… My 90-year-old grandma could play it 

πŸ”² Easy

πŸ”² Normal  

πŸ”² Hard

πŸ”² "Dark Souls"

- Accessibility -

βœ… Easy to figure out 

πŸ”² Takes some time to figure out

πŸ”² Hard to figure out

πŸ”² Very Unclear


πŸ”² "MS Paint"

πŸ”² Bad

πŸ”² Meh

βœ… Graphics don't matter in this game

πŸ”² Decent

πŸ”² Good

πŸ”² Beautiful

πŸ”² Masterpiece

- MUSIC && SFX - πŸ”² None

πŸ”² Bad

βœ… Not special

πŸ”² Good

πŸ”² Beautiful


πŸ”² This game has no story it's a β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ simulator/Shooter

πŸ”² Like playing "Temple Runners" for the story

βœ… It's there for the people who want it

πŸ”² Well written

πŸ”² Epic story  


βœ… Free

πŸ”² Underpriced

πŸ”² Perfect price

πŸ”² Could be cheaper

πŸ”² Overpriced

πŸ”² Complete waste of money


βœ… You can run it on a microwave

πŸ”² Average

πŸ”² High end

πŸ”² "NASA" computer


βœ… Super Short  (0-10 minutes)

πŸ”²Very short (0 - 1 hours)

(haven't played it fully)

πŸ”² Short (1 - 10 hours)

πŸ”² Average (10 - 30 hours)

πŸ”² Long (30 - 70 hours)

πŸ”² Extremely long (70 - 110 hours)

πŸ”² No ending

- FUN -

πŸ”² I'd rather watch paint dry

πŸ”² Hard to enjoy

πŸ”² Repetitive

βœ… Actually pretty amusing

πŸ”² Ride of your life


πŸ”² It's a one-time experience

(haven't played it fully)

βœ… Only for achievements

πŸ”² If you wait a few months/years

πŸ”² Definitely (you can always go back and improve and is still enjoyable

πŸ”² Infinitely replayable

Special Thanks to BLUEY from Steam (Creator of the template)

- MARKETING - (How well your game page)

πŸ”²Very Weak (No photos/videos/Description/Story/External Links + Devlogs)

πŸ”²Weak ( No photos/videos/Story/External Links + Devlogs)

πŸ”²Good (No videos/ External Links + Devlogs)

βœ…Great (has all the above)

 Hey! I played your game on my stream! Watch it to see the live review!  Here's the link for it: https://www.twitch.tv/spacematterplay πŸ˜„
Game Number 7
Moment on the stream: 2:29:00

  I would also appreciate if you could give an opinion on our latest game. Game devs advice is precious because we know better what it takes to make something work. It's called "Backdoor Shifts"

Cute game, loved the credits lmao.


good game

A very short game but it was scary! Would have been nice to have a bit more background as to why the player was that deep in the woods though.

That was the cutest demon-monster-thing I've ever seen. Great idea...I would have loved it to be longer and more...warped!

I really enjoyed this game alot. Sorry I didn't turn around to actually get the jump scare at the end lol I'm a scaredy cat :)   Awesome game!

This game has a TON of potential! I had a great time playing it! Heres my blind reaction if you're interested in watching! starts at 8:30!!

This Game Was The First One in This Video! 

This was short but right to the point, and it made sure of getting to the point! Therefore, really good job! 

That Game WAS Awesome...

Not Bad Aaron! keep it up Bru!

I REALLY like the beginning transition!!! The game itself was short and spooky all and all. The ending credits were COMEDY! Keep up the great work my dude! (It's the 2nd game btw!)

   - CrazyCheesePuf

Not that scary at all but tbh it wasn't bad for a short little horror game. Made a video on it.

hey man great game , if you wanna check out the video i made for it here ya go, keep up the good work my guy


The sections where the creature was somewhere I didn't expect managed to scare me. The final jump scare was pretty weak compared to the rest of the game. One suggestion is maybe for the TV to not say anything and then when you turn around, you're not expecting it.

Smooth gameplay, creepy jumpscare at the end, nice graphics. Awesome game!

can't load

game was great game had me on edge that last jump scare was the only thing that needs work but overall i enjoyed it 

good game

That last jump scare got me... I really didn't want to turn around. Great job at creating a creepy game. The monster kinda looks like the heartless from Kingdom hearts. Keep up the great work! 

Comments below clip;

When things happen to you, and nobody believes you. Liked the intro and outro, as they function both as a nice sliding into the story and out of it again. Enjoyed playing it. Thanks!

scary game

It was super unnerving when I could hear something upstairs and also when I could see something out the corner of my eye and then disappear. I think this game was good enough that a longer version of it would have been feasible.

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, it was short and sweet, not too bad, good work ;)

Great work mate.

honestly, the shadows are scarier than the actual jumpscare

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nice creepy

Thanks for Playing =)

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