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Stringuin (String + Penguin) is a platforming puzzle game that has the unique element of puzzle-solving with two PENGUINS! Switch the control back and forth between the penguin engineer Punk Flipper and his robot creation Sparky Flipper as you make your way through scenery such as laboratories, floating islands and more! You need to use your brain in order to navigate through the levels while making sure not to pull on the wire between the two of the characters- until you find the Magical Spool of Wire™️!

Arrow Keys to Move and Jump
Space to swap character
E to Recall the Robot (As the Penguin)
R to restart level
Esc or X to Pause
(You can go back to menu from here)


Aaron Brownlee - Director and Programmer
Shona Callanan - Graphic Artist and Animator
Laurie Gunning - Music and Sound Designer
Lewis Binnie - Character and Level Designer 


StringuinPostJam.zip 27 MB


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Nice game mate. The 3rd level had some good puzzles.