In Saboteur Sidekick you play as a disgruntled Robotic Minion, ready to get revenge on the rude and obnoxious hero. You may be small but that doesn't mean you can't cause some "accidents". 

Made Solo in 48 Hours for the 4 Colour Jam, Using a Game Boy colour palette if you couldn't tell =)
The Theme was "You are secretly the Villain"

Colour Palette used:

Controls (Keyboard):

WASD/Arrow Keys to Move

Spacebar to Jump

Esc or X to Pause (Also brings up Restart and Quit Buttons)

Controls (Controller):

Right Joystick to Move

A button to Jump


Download 19 MB


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Awesome dude, you nailed the gameboy aestethic! The last level was really hard, but at the end I nailed that mofo!

Thanks for playing =) And I'm glad I managed to at least get some kind of difficulty escalation in only 5 levels.