Qwobot is my entry for Alakajam 13, with the Theme "Robots" I decided to mix QWOP and Bennet Foddy's Getting Over It to make a short platformer with a springy Physics based Robot. 

Alakajam Page: https://alakajam.com/13th-alakajam/1164/qwobot/

Explained better in-game but here:

QW - Extend/Contract Left Leg
OP - Extend/Contract Right Leg
Space - Get Up
R - Reset to Last Checkpoint
T- Toggle Speedrun Timer

Gameplay Tips

  • Kicking with one leg is far easier to control than doing a 2 legged jump.
  • Try keep legs contracted as much as possible, its easier to gain momentum.
  • if you've fallen over, try get both feet touching the ground then press Space to up-right yourself
  • Space can technically give you a minor boost if you use it while jumping 


Qwobot.zip 19 MB

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