In Mixed up Monsters your goal is to shuffle together 3 OP Monsters to create a Boss you can beat. Each Part gives the Boss a different trait or ability, so it's up to you to experiment and find which combinations can be fought successfully.

We were slightly short on time, so didn't manage to get explanations for each part into the game. So you can either trial and error to find out what each part does, or scroll to the bottom of this page to see a Full table of parts and abilities:

Made for the GamesPlus Jam in 48 Hours


AaronBacon - Programming and Game Design -
Checker_Box - Art and Character Design -


A and D or Left and Right Arrows - Move

or Down Arrow - Duck

Left Click - Shoot

Spacebar - Jump

Controllers are also supported

Ability Table

Body PartEffect
Brute HeadLaser Eyes - Shoots Fast Lasers periodically
Brute ArmsFireballs- Throws Fireballs at you 
Brute BodyArmour - Increases Monster Health
Brute LegsTree Legs - Reduces stun effect from being hit 
Speedster Body Leap Ability- The monster can lunge at you
Speedster OtherSpeed + - Increases speed for each part added
Hacker HeadBlackout - the Monster causes you to black out periodically
Hacker BodyGlitch - Monster can Short range teleport
Hacker ArmsAttack sabotage - Increases your attack Cooldown
Hacker LegsSpeed Sabotage - Reduces Your Speed


Mixed Up 19 MB


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Interesting.. like how the parts have different features


gud game!!! I love the creatures they so derp :OOO

Tanks for playing  =)