A Reverse Demon Hunting Game where you need to take down the Hunters before they Banish you!

WASD to Move, Left click to Attack. +/- to adjust Music Volume

Made Completely from scratch in 48 hours for GMTK Jam 2023

POST-JAM Version Update:

  • Added Music, use +/- to adjust volume
  • Rebalanced game, adding a 5th Hunter and reducing pieces needed to 4
  • Fixed Win Condition not always triggering correctly
  •  Updated the popups to tell you how many pieces are left
  • Added a Popup on downing a Hunter, telling you how many are left.


- Avoid the Hunter's UV Flashlights, attack them from behind to take them out.

- The Hunters need to find 5 Artifact pieces to banish you.

- Hunters will Stop searching boxes to attack you if they spot you.

Music is "Gloom Horizon" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


LEAVE THIS PLACE Post Jam Update.zip 25 MB
LEAVE THIS PLACE Jam Version.zip 22 MB


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Cool game bruh XD. Could use some sfx and music though.
Looks like there is no win screen after killing all the survivors.


Hm, there should be. I had an issue with the survivor deaths not tracking properly for the win screen but I thought it was fixed, guess not.

And yeh i ran a little short on time, being able to hear the survivors move and open crates would probably add alot

I wanna pet the demon :D

The Demon Says T̷̥̳́͜h̷͓̩͔͐̈́ă̸͓ņ̶̫̘̅̇k̷̜̠̪͔̃͌̿ ̶̗̪̝̫͊͌Y̶͉͍͝ȍ̵̻̂ų̶̧̰̙̿