NOTE: I recommend downloading the Windows Build for better Performance and Graphics.

Welcome, One and All! To the fine game of Dice Chess Bowling. The Rules are simple. Play as a sentient Dice and Knock down as many Chess Pieces as you can before they can overwhelm you. Your Dice power is determined by what you land on, so roll carefully!

Tip: If you roll a 1, a Leap Jump can tip you over to an adjacent face.

Made Solo in 48 Hours for the GMTK Jam 2022


DiceChessBowling Windows 99 MB


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Interesting game. Good luck with the game jam mate.

Quite stressful when a host of pawns are gathering nearing you while you're waiting for the die to land. Nice!

Thanks for Playing =)



Good Graphics, seems really fun, though the pacing seems really slow sometimes.


Yeh, I realise I maybe could've made the beginning a little quicker to start, possibly starting with spawning a few pieces. Thanks for playing though =)

That was fun! although i couldn't really work out the rules for loosing a life. Either way I like the idea of the die roll controlling the power of the hit. 

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Yeh I realise theres a bit of ambiguity. How it works is that if a piece hits you while you're stationary or close to stationary, it counts as a life lost. You then get launched away from the piece, at which point you are invulnerable until you land and come to a stop, just to stop you getting chain-hit by enemies. Something to note is you can get "hit" and be launched again while invulnerable, it just wont deal any damage till you get a chance to launch again.

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Fun idea! Got a 38 as my final score. I noticed the score in the upper corner can continue to rise after you're finished, though, if you're right next to more chess pieces. But overall an interesting play. :)

Thanks for playing =). And yeh I did notice that, I think I just didn't get round to fixing it, it doesn't affect the gameplay luckily though =P